A resume is like a first impression in the job market. It can make or break your career, literally. While most of us grew up building resumes on MS Word on our trusty Microsoft Windows computers, today’s generation relies more on mobile resume creation apps. Android and iOS smartphones. What Is The Best Resume Software For You? will help you find the most suitable resume software for you.

1. Zety

Zety is a great online resume builder because its modern templates are readily available. You can quickly start using and entering your information. Everyone’s favorite element about this tool is the website that will guide you through the process correctly. 

All you need to do is fill in the information, and then you will have a resume. Although the tool is free, you will need to create an online account to use it.

To use Zety for free, click “Download” on the left toolbar when you get to the last step of the generator instead of choosing “Save and Next”. Then select “Plain Text (.txt)” to download your resume for free.

 Zety is the best choice for those who are looking for expert help in creating their resume. The software provides tips and prompts to help you create content for your resume. There are also plenty of customization options to make sure the resume fits your needs.

 While you can download the .txt file for free, it costs $2.7 for a different file format and some templates use quality graphics and colors.

2. Resume Genius

Resume Genius is definitely one of the easiest and fastest free resume tools you can use. With a clean and easy to use interface, this tool will guide you through the sections of your resume. 

Those include education, work experience, and references. It offers templates ranging from modern to classic. Resume Genius provides you with easy fill-in-the-blank sections so you can quickly put together an impressive, comprehensive resume. 

Resume Genius is the best choice for those who are looking for guidance when creating a resume. This tool provides tips and advice at each stage of the process. Resume Genius’ search options help you set up an optimized resume, customized to fit your industry and job position.

3. My Perfect Resume

My Perfect Resume allows you to get started and enter information on a blank form or upload an existing resume if you already have one. Plus, My Perfect Resume gives you expert suggestions as you work through the process, including suggested phrases you can include for specific roles or positions. 

My Perfect Resume also allows you to include optional sections like certificates, achievements, and affiliations. This is very important, especially if you are just starting out or transitioning your job. This tool is especially useful if you are applying for a creative position and want to add a unique color or design to your resume.

To use this software for free, click “Download” on the left toolbar when you reach the last step of the generator instead of selecting “Save and Next”. Then select “Plain Text (.txt)” to download your resume for free.

My Perfect Resume is great for people who are looking for guided help when creating their resume. This tool recommends templates based on your experience level and provides expert recommendations on skills to include based on your job title. 

Compared to the other tools on the list, there are fewer customization options and only nine templates to choose from.

4. Standard Resume

Standard Resume allows you to import your information directly from LinkedIn, an ideal time saver if your LinkedIn profile was previously updated.

The white background and minimalist features let you focus on what really matters like your content. You can flexibly switch between “Writing” and “Designing” to see what your resume looks like when you go ahead and download it as a PDF when you’re done. 

On top of that, the tool also makes your resume responsive on mobile so you can view it on your smartphone.

Standard Resume is great for LinkedIn users who want to quickly create an ATS-compatible resume. This tool uses your LinkedIn profile to automatically set up a professional resume. The Standard Resume also offers tips to make your resume more complete.

5. Canva

If you’re applying for a creative position or want a resume that really stands out, you might consider using one of Canva’s hundreds of free design templates. Canva’s selections are diverse and unique, so you’re sure to find one you like, and importing resume sections can be as easy as copying and pasting. 

In addition, the templates are separated into categories, such as “Graphic Design”, “Company” and “Creative”, making it easier for you to choose based on your preferred industry.

Canva is the best software for those who are looking for creativity and design expression in their resume. While not specifically designed for building resumes, the tool offers a variety of templates, layouts, and designs to choose from when creating a resume from Canva.

6. Indeed

Creating an Indeed resume is an extremely quick process if you are looking for a way to get the best out of your resume. Additionally, the site allows you to automatically share your resume with Indeed recruiters as soon as you’ve completed the setup.

 If you have completed your resume, you should still upload it to the website for easy access to potential employers. While admittedly it doesn’t offer as many creative options as some of the others on this list, Indeed is still an impressive option if you want to create a more traditional and ready-made resume. ready to share it immediately.

Indeed’s free resume builder is the best tool for those who want to start looking for a job right after creating a resume. It guides you through the resume creation process with expert advice and suggestions to help your resume grab the recruiter’s attention.

7. Resume.com

With Resume.com you can create the best resume in minutes. This tool is a great choice if you’re looking for recommendations on your resume. Additionally, the site features popular resume templates for different types of jobs to help you stand out from your competition. 

To use it for free, when at the last step you will see a pop-up saying create an account but instead just click “Skip for now”. Then in the top right corner you can click the download button.

Resume.com is a great choice for job seekers who want to quickly create a professional resume. This 100% free resume builder provides examples to help you along the way.

Above is a list of the best resume software. Hope to provide you with useful information.

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